Breathwork Experiences

Participants have reported the following types of transformational breathwork experiences in sharing groups after Los Angeles Holotropic Breathwork Workshops:

1) Satori/Transpersonal Breathing Experiences – an example of this is where a participant may feel that their atoms are dissolved into the universe and that they are part of everything and connected to all that is.

2) Biographical Breathwork Experiences – an example of this is where a participant might relive a childhood trauma that was too scary to fully process when the person was a child but this time, it is allowed to emerge from the psyche, get fully experienced and released.

3) Perinatal Breathwork Experiences – the birth process is one of the major traumas of every persons’s life.  A participant may relive the birth process in order to release the implicit memories in their bodies from this intense event.

4) Sensory Breathwork Experiences – a participant may feel energy that is blocked in their body get released which can present itself as feeling hot or feeling cold or feeling intense energy emanating from the person’s hands or feet.  After an experience like this, participants generally report that they feel very energetic, light and joyful over the following days and weeks.

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