Holotropic Breathwork Workshop Format

Holotropic Breathwork Workshop – One Day Format/Structure for Los Angeles Area Holotropic Breathwork Workshops and Seminars

a) A One Day Holotropic Breathwork Workshop (this is the format that is used for most Holotropic Breathwork Los Angeles Holotropic Breathwork Workshops) starts with an Introductory Talk summarizing major points to remember about the Role of the Sitter and the Role of the Breather.

b) Partnering – In Holotropic Breathwork, participants work in pairs. There are two Holotropic breathing sessions during the day. In the first one, one participant is in the role of the “Breather” and the other is in the role of the “Sitter”. People can either partner up with somebody they come with or somebody they meet in the morning at the workshop.  Most people come by themselves so they end up choosing somebody to work with at the workshop in the morning.  In the second Holotropic breathing session, the participants reverse the roles.

c) First Holotropic Breathing Session – This lasts approximately three hours.  The “Breather” is laying on a mat with his/her eyes closed or blindfolded and doing “Holotropic  Style Breathing” while listening to loud evocative music.  This allows the Breather to go into an expanded state of awareness where accelerated healing can take place.  As the session progresses, Breathers may release suppressed trauma from their physical body, their personal life domain or their biological birth or access the collective transpersonal domain in various ways.  During the process, the Breather may get very active physically, rolling around on the mat, getting on their hands and knees, etc and may also exhibit various types of emotional release such as crying, laughing, screaming, etc.  While the Breather is in his process, the Sitter is, in essence practicing a “presence meditation” and watching over the Breather making sure that all of the Breather’s needs are met (i.e. if the Breather needs tissues, water, etc).  Also, if the Breather starts to get active physically, the “Sitter”, in conjunction with, and under the guidance of the Facilitators, help ensure the physical safety of the Breather using pillows, etc.  The “Sitter” experience can be as least as profound as the “Breather” experience with “Sitters” reporting a deepening of their ability to connect with and be “present” for others in their everyday lives.

d) Mandala Drawing – The participant who was the Breather in this first session then draws whatever flows out of him or her.  This is not meant to be a “work of art”, just a visual representation of whatever wants to come out.  It could be something quite complicated or something quite simple like a red heart on a yellow background or just splotches of various colors.

e) First Meal Break

f) Second Holotropic Breathing Session – This also lasts approximately three hours.

g) Mandala Drawing – The participant who was the Breather in this second session then draws whatever flows out of him or her.

h) Second Meal Break

i) Sharing Group/Integration Talk – this is when participants are invited to share whatever they wish to share about their experience.  Also, there is a talk on what might come up for participants in the days and weeks following the breathwork experience and how to best integrate the experience into their lives.

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