Schedule of Holotropic Breathwork Workshops, Seminars and Breathwork Intro Events

Please note: We are not currently hosting Holotropic Breathwork workshopS.  If you would be interested in being notified when we start up again, please add your name to the mail-list by going here

Upcoming Los Angeles Area Events –  All Day Holotropic Breathwork Workshops,  Holotropic Breathwork Introductory Workshops/Seminars, and Other Breathwork Events–“Transforming the planet, one breath at a time”  (All Holotropic Breathwork workshops held in compliance with scientific research and methods developed by Dr. Stan Grof).


TBD , All Day Holotropic Breathwork Workshop in Venice Beach co-facilitated by Michael Stone and Saemi Nakamura – 9:00am – 9:30pm – It is unclear at this point whether we will be able to hold this workshop due to the pandemic.  If you are interested in attending, please email us at: to reserve your spot. We will contact you when we have further information and to pay if we are allowed to hold this workshop.  A summary of the day’s schedule can be found at Workshop Format.

TBD – Train Your Brain, Master Your Life –  In Venice, co-created and led by Michael Stone and Saemi Nakamura,   If you only have time for one event this year, this is it! This workshop uses the underlying principles of Holotropic Breathwork along with the latest breakthroughs in the science of perception, memory, neuroscience/neuroplasticity, and quantum theory to give you the tools to transform every area of your life – relationships, health, work, finance, etc. By the end of the day, you will come to a clear understanding, through lecture and experiential practices, of the answers to the following questions: Can I trust my memory? Is what I perceive through my five senses actually really “out there?” “Can I “rewire my brain” to be more empowered in my life and open up new possibilities that I have never considered possible no matter how old I am? and, if so, how? Can I “change my past”? Do I ever have to be at the effect of what is going on around me in the world? Note: A one hour neurodynamic breathwork experience will be included as part of this workshop      For more info, CLICK HERE.To register, CLICK HERE

TBD  – Holotropic Breathwork Intro Seminar and Mini-Breathwork Event – 7:00pm – approx 10:00pm in Venice.  Get ready for an amazing adventure! This event is for people who have never been to an all day Holotropic Breathwork workshop before (if you have already been to a workshop and are bringing a friend who has not, that is fine also)  to find out about Holotropic Breathwork and do an actual one hour breathing session to get an experience of what it is like.  The cost of this event is $29.00. Click Here for details and to register.

TBD – 7th Annual Holotropic Breathwork Retreat In The Desert At Joshua Tree Retreat Center.  This is our premiere event of the year, a weekend breathwork retreat at beautiful Joshua Tree Retreat Center with lead facilitators Michael Stone and Saemi Nakamura plus 4 other facilitators.  This is the location that Grof Transpersonal Training holds all of their certification modules in California. For details, Click Here.

If you would like more information on any of our events or about private one-on-one Holotropic Sessions, please e-mail me at:

Private Holotropic Breathwork Sessions

Private sessions are available in Venice Beach and last about 5 hours. The cost is $700.00 for one person or $1,050 for a couple.

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