Integration Resources

The integration resource providers listed below have all personally experienced Holotropic Breathwork at a Los Angeles Breathwork Workshop and support the Holotropic Breathwork community


Advanced Consciousness Counseling – Saemi Nakamura, Certified Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator. website:       e-mail:

I provide counseling sessions based on cutting edge methods using the principles of Fractal Psychology. Unlike conventional talk therapy,  two to three approx 2 1/2 hour sessions will provide you with the techniques and information necessary to modify your brain in such a way as to reframe your past and release yourself from your false self-identity so that you can start creating your future as you truly desire it to be.  Also, this technique is very helpful in allowing you to integrate your breathwork sessions into your everyday life.  E-mail me for more details.                                                             I


Catherine Auman, LMFT, The Transpersonal Counseling  Center 310-460-9399;                                                                    I am a licensed therapist with advanced training in both traditional and transpersonal psychology, with thirty years of successful professional experience helping thousands of clients. I have headed nationally-based psychiatric hospital programs, as well as worked through alternative methodologies based on ancient traditions and wisdom teachings.  I am here to help you holistically, in every way possible. The mental, emotional, physical and spiritual are not separate. You are a holism, and my life has been devoted to recognizing and honoring that fact, without exception.   My work is included on the MAPS Psychedelic Integration List as well.

Hope Integrative Psychiatry, Omid J Naim, MD  (310) 429-1334
Using a holistic, integrative approach to treat the mind, body and spirit, I strive to help my patients feel more empowered and be able to thrive mentally and emotionally in the world. I am also in support of alternative experiences for healing and evolving well being and a higher state of consciousness and am available work to people as a resource for integrating those experiences practically in to day to day life.
David J. Laramie, Ph.D.310-913-4728
I am a clinical health psychologist with a deep belief in the innate healing capacity of the bodymind.  In my work, I am active and engaged, and I integrate approaches including depth psychology, mindfulness, and somatic and energetic therapies.


Gabriella D’Urso, Usui & Holy Fire Reiki Master,  213-308-8938;                                                                                       Reiki is a Japanese technique that originally focused on stress reduction and relaxation. It has since evolved and is an even more powerful tool. During our session I channel energy into your body through your chakras to activate your natural healing process and restore both physical and emotional well-being. I move through energetic blockages that have been created as a result of both internal and external influences. When energy is able to flow freely you experience alignment across mind, body, and soul. My healing philosophy is simple. I believe we all have the knowledge and capacity to heal ourselves from the inside out.  My goal is to teach you how to honor your own guidance system and empower you to understand and take responsibility for your energetic patterns. I focus on healing from a positive perspective, using the ruling of the Law of Attraction which explains, “like attracts like”. The energy you focus on will be returned to you. Many practitioners believe that to heal you must revisit trauma to analyze and understand it. This only grounds you in a negative mindset. Together we will work with positive energy vibrations to call more Abundance to your life where you seek it most.