I came into the (Holotropic Breathwork) workshop having absolutely no clue what to expect nor what I would encounter.  Knowing how much heaviness I carried in my heart, I was even frightened of the demons and scary monsters that might come my way.  Yet within a few breaths I was met by the loving gaze of my daughter who is severely disabled, doesn’t walk, talk, hear, or even eat by mouth, and lives in a nursing home because she needs 24/7 hands on care.  During the entire session, she walked, danced, twirled, floated, and even flew for me to see; she called me “Mama” more times than I could count, told me she loved me, thanked me, and even forgave me so that my heart would not be so heavy.  And when it was time to say goodbye, over and over she hugged me, kissed me, talked to me, and told me to forever remember that she is with me in my heart, that she is happy, and that she is forever my butterfly.  I cried from the pain of watching her float away and from the joy of having connected to her for the first time in a way I  had only dreamed of until then.  I cried from gratitude for this gift of having danced with my angel, and now when I see her immobile in her bed with barely an eye open, I see the beautiful girl within in a different light.  I see my butterfly, and I am at peace enveloped by gratitude – Sarah S., Los Angeles

My experience at Michael’s Intro to Holotropic Breathwork was incredible. I attended during a bleak- feeling time in my life, on the evening of an especially challenging day. The first really powerful emotions I remember experiencing were overwhelming love and gratitude for everyone in my life: my mom, my dad, brother, sister, Michael for sharing such a beautiful experience with me.  Sometime after that, I began to feel a pure, powerful love for myself and began to cry the most wonderfully liberating tears that I ever remember crying. It felt like I was finally able to see my self and my life clearly, after so many months of despair and self-loathing! I felt in that moment that I was a brilliant being made of love and that my life was one of infinite potential. Around this time I received some ideas regarding workshops that I’d like to host – I felt their location, dates, and topics. I started planning them the very next day and amazingly, everything panned out exactly as I’d imagined it during the breathwork. Throughout the breathwork, I also experienced some intense physical sensations –  It felt like a full-body, energetic orgasm – a total blissful release that left me feeling so clear and light.  My feeling about the experience overall was that it helped me access a different state of consciousness – a state that allowed me to view my life from a ‘divine’ perspective, or as I like to think of it, the culmination of all perspectives. I saw my challenges as blessings; I saw love all around me; and I felt, for the first time in a long time, inspired!  I’m amazed that all of this can be experienced through breath and music!  —Daniela G., Los Angeles, CA

“Participating in this Holotropic Breathwork workshop was like getting an early Christmas present.  I got more understanding of my path and purpose in life, I feel calm and centered in situations that used to stress me out, and I feel much more connected to my true self, my quiet inner voice that I have been struggling to hear these last 10 years.  I encourage anyone who is interested in self exploration and personal growth to try out this remarkable modality.”  – N. B., Los Angeles, CA

“I recently attended a Holotropic Breathwork workshop and it was amazing!  I had a life changing experience in which I realized how my childhood conditioning has resulted in self esteem issues that still exist in my adult life.  Once I realized this, I could release that energy and create a new, positive, more accurate self image of myself which has allowed me to move forward in a powerful way in my life. I’ve read many things about Holotropic Breathwork created by Dr. Stanislav Grof and I was very happy to find out there is a place in LA area where I can get to have an experience.  Michael Stone who organizes the workshops was a very kind and experienced facilitator and guided me to go through this amazing transformational trip with my own breath.  I  recommend these workshops to anyone who feels that they are not fully realizing their potential in life.  And this company gives you a great opportunity to find out what a powerful thing your breathing can do to you!  The facilitators were all so pleasant and nice people and dedicated to give you so much support and make sure that you’ll be able to have the best possible experience  during the workshop.” – S.N., Los Angeles, CA