Potential Benefits of Holotropic Breathwork

Some people in the following categories have reported that Stan Grof’s Holotropic Breathwork has been beneficial to them (please note that Holotropic Breathwork is not therapy and that there is no specific result that is guaranteed from a holotropic breathwork session) :

  • Those who want to experience the power of breath work to heal and connect
  • Those who feel disconnected from their emotions and/or what is going on in their bodies
  • Those who feel that they are spending too much of their life “in their heads” and want to increase their ability to be in their heart.
  • Those who want to expand their consciousness
  • Those who want to expand their capacity for forgiveness, love and compassion
  • For anyone who wants their creativity to flow more freely
  • Those who want to release emotional or physical symptoms and unproductive behavior patterns which may be negatively impacting their life and are rooted in long-forgotten past events buried deep within our unconscious.
  • For anyone who would like a “re-charge” from the stress of their daily activities.
  • For anyone who would like to connect more deeply or re-connect to the spiritual side of life
    [Note: For more information about the spiritual experiences of people in Holotropic Breathwork workshops, check out Stan Grof’s book The Cosmic Game.]
  • For connection to “God” and/or their version of a “Higher Power” and/or their “Higher Self”and relationship to the magic of the world we live in
  • For people who are grieving and feel a need to have a safe space to allow their grief to come forth.
  • For anyone dealing with a physical illness who feels drawn to look inward for possible psychosomatic components of the illness
  • For writers who are experiencing writers block and want to give themselves a jumpstart on their writing process
  • For “adventurers of the spirit” — those who want to follow Socrates’ advice to “Know Thyself.”
  • Those who hope to experience mystical and/or satori states through natural breathing techniques (no drugs)
  • For those who are experiencing a general feeling of disorientation and/or dis-connection with the state of the world today and are looking for new perspectives on how to deal with the feelings of disempowerment
  • For people who have come to a point where the challenges of life have made them feel they have lost touch with and/or stopped trusting their intuition and want to find a way to re-connect with their innate wisdom.
  • For those who are supporting another person in pain and want to learn how to better “be there” for another person
  • Those who want to deepen their capacity to feel “present,” both with themselves and others
  • Those who want to feel more authentic
  • Those who want to know themselves more deeply
  • For those who have done psychedelics in the past with good results, but now want to enter a non-ordinary state without taking a substance
  • Those who are seeking a more fulfilling life.
  • Those who have read the books of Stan Grof and want an opportunity to experience Holotropic Breathwork for themselves
  • Those who want to build a deeper trust in their capacity to access their inner wisdom and intuition to improve their lives
  • And many many many more…

For more information about any of the above benefits of Holotropic Breathwork, email Michael. or call 310-399-9992.

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