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Holotropic Breathwork Research Project

Scott Geum is doing a research study on Holotropic Breathwork. If you would be interested in participating, see the info below (all participants will get a $25.00 gift card):

Summary – Research
by Seok Hyeon (Scott) Geum / ITP of Sofia University, Palo Alto, CA

Welcome to join the research!

Research Topic

Transformational Effects of Holotropic Breathwork™ in Practitioners’ Orientation and Mental Well-being: Correlational Study

The Purpose of Research

Exploring the transformational aspects of Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness (NOSC) induced through Holotropic Breathwork® practice by explicitly examining the correlations between number and period of practice of HB and scores on the POI (Personal Orientation Inventory), PIL (Purpose In Life test), and QOLS (Quality of Life Scale).

Research Question

Is there a relationship between the period and number of Holotropic Breathwork™ sessions taken by individuals and their scores on the POI, PIL, and QOLS?

Research Methods

Correlational Study – a quantitative research method to address the research problem and to discover the usefulness of the intervention and the associated factors.

Number of Participants: One hundred of HB practitioners (N = 100)

Participation consists of:

• Reviewing and Signing the Informed Consent
• Filling in Personal Information Form (PIF) – 10 minutes (no time limit)
• Responding Surveys
o POI (Personal Orientation Inventory) – 30 minutes (no time limit)
o PIL (Purpose In Life test) – 10 minutes (no time limit)
o QOLS (Quality of Life Scale) – 10 minutes (no time limit)
* Total estimated time of participation: approximately 60 minutes


The result of this study will have implications for current and prospective HB practitioners and be envisioned to be useful and contributory to their understanding the transformational effects of HB practice in personal attitudes toward life as well as a basic understanding of the practice.

The study will contribute to offering the practitioners a different angle to see the intervention from long-term perspectives and providing current practitioners and prospective practitioners, who are interested in HB practice for their spiritual and mental growth, with the empirically evidenced information about the usefulness of persistent practice in their journey toward wholeness. The outcome is to be contributory not only to the academic community but also to HB communities.

Participants will also be rewarded with

o an eGift card ($25)
o a detailed individual summary of the POI from the test service institute, EdITS – the individual’s level of mental health and self-actualization.

Questions or more information? you may  email:
Seok Hyeon (Scott) Geum (Researcher)
(650) 785-5442

To consent to participate, you may:

Click the Online Form, ,and read/sign online.

After your consent by signing online from the link above, please find the links to the questionnaires below. To fill out the questionnaires, please click the respective links below and complete the surveys. (4 questionnaires). There is no time limit, and it is estimated that this will take approximately 60 minutes.

The Link to Questionnaires:

1) Personal Information Form (PIF):

2) Purpose in Life test (PIL – 20 scale items):

3) Quality of Life Scale (QOLS – 16 scale items):

4) Personal Orientation Inventory (POI – 150 items): Go to Select Sign Up. Create your sign in credentials and when prompted enter the passcode which is: e6QYpw